An open letter to homophobes

To all of you ‘homophobes’ out there, you should be terrified.

So you think you’re a prime example of what God made a human to be, do you? You’re kind and grateful and you do your homework. You say thank you and please (even when simply not necessary) and of course you donate to charity and visit your grandparents every single week. You’re holy and pure and really, you’re what everyone else aspires to be. You’re a trend-setter merely by the way in which you carry yourself.

But when you see two males or two females sharing an intimate moment together in a public place, it becomes all too much. Suddenly, it is the only thing you can see and you simply cannot comprehend how anything in the lives of those two people, could have amounted to them making such a decision. Suddenly, all of your problems seem completely insignificant because now you’re looking at two people who are opposing every value you’ve ever been taught, challenging what you believe to be the natural course of life. The one that God set out for us to fulfil.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. An inability to accept the decision made by two people of the same sex who want to share a life together is not a phobia. It’s not even close. What it actually is, is a case of unwarranted, inexcusable ignorance. A sense of ‘out-of-touch’-ness, for lack of a better word.

That’s what a textbook homophobe sounds like anyways. We’re not like that. We’re Gen Y, Gen Alpha, we know better. For us there is no stock standard, there is no criteria and there is no specific image for what love looks like. It doesn’t even cross our minds that ‘accepting’ same sex couples is something that an ‘open-minded person’ would do.

So to all of you ‘homophobes’ out there, you should be terrified. You should probably just lock yourselves indoors and be safe from the plague that is the stigma in your mind. I hear it’s a deep, dark place down there. Don’t feel sorry for ‘them’. We feel sorry for you.

Our generation is a sign of the times are changing for the better. We sure have come a long way. But let’s keep going.

Words by Amanda Abbass

IG – @theabbadashian

Art by Angus Williams

IG – @angusmwilliams

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