10 Ways to Love Yourself

Hey you, yes you. Glance down at the blobs and bones you call your body. This is an ode to you and the fantastic human being you really are. Quit blushing and read on to learn some self-lurvin’ tips and tricks.

1 – Man in the Mirror

Take a leaf out of MJ’s book and have a look at that dazzling specimen staring back at you in the mirror. Everyone needs a little confidence boost now and then, a little compliment to pick them up. That’s where you come in. Appreciate your wonky nose, your splattered freckles, your new haircut. It’s like practising pick up lines, but on yourself… which is another bonus because you don’t actually have to talk to other people. Boo-yah. Repeat these mantras over and over again; perhaps one day you’ll start believing them.

2 – L4L? XD

Some say that you need to love yourself first before others can love you. I think that’s bullshit. Wallow in the love your friends and family have for you. Like those old Facebook ‘like4like’ posts, fish for those compliments. Get that rating out of 10, that best feature about you. Because when you’re feeling at your worst, your friends will probably be there to insult you in the most lovingly way they can.

3 – Love thy Self(ie)

A bomb-ass selfie is the answer to all your insecurities. Duh. And who knows your angles better than yourself? That’s right, no one. So here, my friend, is why the front-facing camera was invented. Apart from the badly-timed surprise appearances featuring yourself at hideous angles (usually on very crowded public transport), the front-camera is there for you when no one else is. It’s there to capture you at your best (more often than not) and when you need that social media validation. Camera held in your left hand, head cocked slightly to the right; it will guarantee you that eleven likes you craved.

4 – I’ve had a Very Long Day

Channel your inner Chandler Bing and draw yourself up a very hot, very bubbly bath. Get yourself a very Instagrammable Lush bath bomb and light an excessive number of candles. I’ve found that locking yourself in a bathroom and submerging your naked body in a tub of liquid is a sure-fire way of unwinding after a tiring day. Bonus points: indulge yourself with skincare products that have pretty packaging. If you feel good on the outside, you’ll feel good on the inside too.

5 – It’s a Date

Maybe it’s because no one else will date me, but I have recently concluded that the dates I go on by myself are where it’s at. Monogamy? Polygamy? Screw both, I’ll just go out with myself. Put on a cute as heck outfit, stroll down to your local bookshop or cafe and spend the afternoon with yourself. You don’t have to deal with awkward small talk or the constant worry of wondering whether or not you need a mint. PSA: you probably do.

6 – Boogie Boogie Boogie

Okay, I’m not talking about the self-conscious bopping you do at parties before 10pm, or the gawky moves you pull trying to impress a prospective love interest. I’m talking about the wild, carefree, potentially-hazardous-to-those-around-you dancing that rivals that of those inflatable air dancers at car dealerships. Get those arms in the air! Shake them like you just don’t care! Crank up the volume of some daggy disco hits or 2000 throwbacks. Without wanting to sound like an inspirational wall poster (probably accompanied by an over saturated sunset photo), dance like nobody’s watching.

7 – Best Dressed

I’m a firm believer that clothes have magical properties and that they have the power to change how you feel. So dress to impress yourself, whatever form that may take. Black skinny jeans and a leather jacket? A floaty, floral dress? Your three day old pyjamas that could do with a wash? Nothing but your best knickers? Go on, dress up (or dress down). Feel good in your rockin’ bod.

8 – Tr(eat) Yourself

I’ve been told by some to not to eat your emotions away. I figure that these people have never had a triple chocolate mud cake. Or a really, really good burger. Enough said.

9 – Spread the Love

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is, strangely enough, making others feel good about themselves. There’s almost nothing better (well, other than bar burgers) than that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you light up another person’s day. A simple but genuine remark is all it takes. Complement their cooking, their cool socks, their infectious laughter, their new glasses, their ability to put up with you – that last one deserves a medal or something…

10 – You’re Doing Alright

At the end of the day, it’s good to just take a deep breath and kick up your feet. Take a look around you, at the stupid memorabilia you have to account for your couple of decades on this Earth. You’re something special. You’re alive. Isn’t that enough sometimes? And you might just be doing alright.


Words by Maggie Zhou

IG – @yemagz

Art by Samantha Doyle

IG – @shantasam

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