Yep, That’s a Sex Thing

Words by: Nikeetha Gamage
Art by: Ty Foley

Mr Grey gave BDSM its own blockbuster and celebrates foot fetishes. Some fetishes may have gone mainstream but there are still plenty being shunned from the norm.  Sexual fetishes are usually at the bottom of our list of conversation topics. Some of us are even afraid to tell our girlfriends, boyfriends, fuckbuddies and anyone in between the kinky things that turn us on. But I am here to inform you that the fetishes we carefully keep confidential are normal. The human spectrum of sexuality is actually very broad.

Sex counsellor, Jessica O’Reilly confirms fetishes are “one element of our diversity in terms of sexual interest and arousal” and compares having different sexual tastes to having different food tastes. So I’ve scoured the internet to find what kind of weird and wacky fetishes are out there – #NoJudgement.

Adult Baby Syndrome – also known as autonepiophilia or paraphilic infantilism, the Adult Baby Syndrome involves adults who derive sexual pleasure from engaging in infantile behaviours. Many conceptualise that the Adult Baby Syndrome attracts people who felt their childhood was the only time they felt safe, nurtured and loved, which they mimic through acting like a baby, being care of like a baby and/or wearing a nappy. Adult Baby Syndrome also entails a level of role-play and power dynamics, usually with one partner playing a parental role, while the other the baby. Such role-play may manifest as the parental figure scolding or punishing the baby for making a mess with their toys. It is important to note that Adult Baby Syndrome fetishists are not interested in sexual contact with children or babies, rather receive sexual gratification from acting as or being taken care of like a child.  

Agalmatophilia – is a paraphilia involving statues, dolls, mannequins and other similar body-shaped objects. Agalmatophiliacs may desire sexual contact directly with such objects, watch others sexually encounter said objects or masturbate with the thought of being transformed or transforming someone else into these objects. Agalmatophiliacs are generally attracted to statues, dolls, mannequins and the like because they are in a dominant position, they have control over their sexual behaviour without having to handle emotional responses from others.

Balloon Fetish – refers to those who are sexually attracted to balloons, also known as ‘looners’. Looners find creative ways to incorporate balloons into their sex lives, which may involve blowing them up or rubbing up against them. However, what most looners enjoy is the popping of the balloon, whether it is them or their partner who does it through sitting, lying or squeezing balloons. Looners are usually sexually aroused by balloons for two reasons: they equate the bursting of a balloon with an orgasm and/or they enjoy the adrenaline rush of when a balloon unexpectedly bursts. Overall, there is a significant variety of looners, with some particular about the size, colour and brand of their balloons and others attracted to their latex smell.

Furry Fetish – people who dress up in furry animal suits and masks, and have sex in said costumes. The animal costumes are generally anthropomorphised, retaining human characteristics alongside their animal ones. Central to being a furry is to adopt a “fursona”, which is the personality a furry adopts. Most fursonas are an idealised reflection of one’s character, while others are an invented character with a different age, personality, gender or physical features. Many speculate the attraction of furry sex, known as “yiff”, stems from the idea there are less inhibitions and anxiety during animal sex, as animal sex is based on physical and instinctive desires – a simple and straightforward process. On the other hand, human beings are much more analytical and cerebral, which can make sex complicated. Overall, the furry fetish is based on the spontaneity of dressing up in animal costumes and freedom from a lack of human identity.

Mechanophilia –  is a desire to engage in sexual relations with machines, such as cars, planes, bikes and helicopters. Those who have sex with cars typically penetrate the tailpipe, which is the most vagina-like hole in the car, but also the upholstery, as there are slots that can be lubricated and inserted into. Mechanophiliacs may also be aroused by watching women be sexually penetrated by machines. Some mechanophiliacs are attracted to the engineering aspect of machines, such as the way they work, move and are built. Others are turned on by the sound and warmth that emanates from having sex with machines, such as the vibrations from a washing machine when using it for masturbatory activities.

Mucophilia – is sexual gratification from sneezing and blowing noses, from the sight of the sneeze, smell of the mucus to the sound of the ‘achoo’. Sneezing has an orgasmic-like quality, because it is viewed as an explosion of relief and loss of control. Mucophiliacs also sneeze during sexual activities or as a result of sexual thoughts, arousal and/or orgasm independently from external nasal stimuli or allergens. The autonomic nervous system, which controls breathing, blood pressure, pupil construction and digestion, influences sex, orgasms and sneezing. Therefore, there is speculation that mucophilia derives from the brain confusing sex, organisms and sneezing when sending signals to the autonomic nervous system.   

Quicksand Fetish – involves watching women being completely submerged in quicksand. The fetish is largely a part of the ‘damsel in distress’ trope, where sexual gratification derives from women being in situations where they cannot save themselves from imminent danger and are waiting for someone to save them. There are also theories that quicksand fetishes are a subdivision of taphephilia, which is sexual arousal from being buried alive. So although quicksand fetishes sound bizarre, there are niche video sites dedicated to those who are turned by girls who face a bottomless, yet ‘sexy’ death.

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