Summer Bucket List

With 50 degree days apparently coming up this summer in Victoria, it’s safe to say cool places are going to be flocked.

To Insta, to relax, to escape — or really to repress the joke this semester was, we all have our reasons to get away. So here’s a polite shove in the right direction…before 2018 hits and we’re all suddenly a year older… ew.

But please, if you’re going to a natural beauty, don’t be a dick, litter, and ruin it for everybody else. The Pillars in Mount Martha did not deserve the crap it got.



So, turns out you don’t have to break the bank in Europe to get that Insta-worthy nature shot you’ve always secretly craved, because we have some pretty damn fine waterfalls in Victoria. It may take an hour or two to get there…maybe three, but the destination makes it utterly worth it. Take Steavenson Falls in Marysville for example; you can go hiking (or crawling) and genuinely marvel at the beauty of the cascading waterfall…and then whip out your phone for a snap.
MacKenzie Falls is also a hotspot for waterfalls mostly because everything pretty and lush appears to be in the Grampians, like the equally stunning Nigretta and Wannon Falls.

Redwood Forest

Also highly recommended by nature buffs is Redwood Forest in Cement Creek. In complete contrary to its location, there’s nothing concrete about Redwood; in fact it’s the opposite. An hour and a half drive from Melbourne to Warburton Valley, Redwood Forest is filled with 1476 trees that stretch all the way into the sky at over fifty metres.
If you’re willing to brave the heat, a trip to Redwood Forest would be a perfect day trip to get away from the city for a couple of hours.

All the beaches

*Holds breath*: Elwood, St. Kilda, Brighton, Sorrento, Safety Beach, Black Rock, Hampton, Williamstown, Chelsea — I can’t think of anymore but there’s at least another handful to head down to for a solid swim and tan.


But, if your heart is set on the fine symphony of late train arrival announcements and CBD road rage then here are some pretty groovy spots you can check out in Melbourne.

St. Jerome’s

If you don’t recognise the name, just think glamping on a Melbourne rooftop overlooking the skyline. It’s a lil bit different to good ol’ camping and by that we mean there’s air-conditioning, fine quality food, a fluffy bed, and a working shower and toilet. Seriously, you get a breakfast box and coffee delivered to your fancy tent.
It’s a totally Melbourne experience you’ll probably end up doing once in your lifetime.

Rooftop Cinema

Another Melbourne CBD hotspot is its rooftop cinema located smack-bang in the centre of everything. Right on Swanston Street, it’s got a saucy view of all the skyscrapers at a high enough height that the soundtrack of the city streets is drowned out. The peak time to visit is at night when you won’t melt. And with Star Wars Episode VIII coming out this summer, what better way to enjoy it than right under the stars?


O’Brien Group Arena is where it’s at. Combine ‘90s tunes (depending on what day you go) and the freezing temperatures in the arena, ice-skating is the perfect way to beat the summer sizzle. Even if you have the worst balance in the world, gliding around the rink with arms wrapped around the barrier is a lot better than feeling those salty sweat drops five seconds into hot weather and chill.


Just kidding, not like we’re all going to sleep and watch Netflix for the entirety of the summer…


Words by Steffanie Tan

IG – @steffwith2effs

Art by Sam Doyle

IG – @shantasam


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