Style Edit: Monash University

Words and photography by Maggie Zhou.

Well, the sun’s out and it’s time to spring into something other than your Kathmandu jacket and 2XU tights. There’s just something so refreshing and spectacular about someone who is unafraid to express themselves through what they wear. Don’t you think?

I’ve recently been on the hunt around our beloved Caulfield Campus and amongst the sea of blacks and greys, I’ve been able to snap up some seriously fresh and fierce looks. You know those outfits that make your head turn, that force you to double take? That’s what I’m talking about.

Block coloured jumpers and distressed ripped jeans create the ultimate street style look.

Whether that be in the form of bright pops of colour, wacky patterns or statement jewellery – these funky pieces are more than just mere articles of clothing. No my friend, these garments hold a much greater power.

Bold and textured patterns are made complete with statement earrings.

These folks harness their creativity and showcase it on what is arguably the most personal and vulnerable canvas: themselves. Instead of a paintbrush, they’re armed with threads and fibres.

Spring has sprung with this rainbow tee and pink hair combo.

And as observers, we are lucky enough to gain a sneak peek into their personality and little quirks.  For those who are brave enough to take this leap, the world applauds you.

Time to give the warm weather the cold shoulder with a staple grey cardigan.

Oh, and by the way, I love your jacket.

IG – @yemagz

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