Rooting for revenge

Once that bridge of trust had burnt down, all he could think about was pissing on its ashes.

That searing sensation that burns in the back of your eyeballs, lump bulging in your throat, contemplating the sex-fuelled betrayal of a cheating partner… what can heal this pain?

“If she fucks you around… you fuck her best friend,” says Jason*, who took the golden opportunity to exact the sweetest of revenges.

Ironic as it may be, revenge is the second biggest reason for being unfaithful to a partner, or a potential partner in the case of ol’ mate Jason. Then follows the argument, if there’s a need to use sexual intimacy as revenge, is there even a relationship there to cheat on in the first place?

You may have the impression that Jason is a petty lad who cares more for a good nut than an emotional connection – but, you’d be incorrect. In the case of Jason, and the hurt feelings of, it runs deeper.

Looking back on it now, he knows revenge fucking is destructive, reporting in to the crew, “Guys, I’ve done something bad. Well bad in a way, but also good”. He was cut, it was raw and the circumstances were brutal – bordering on absurd. The girl who had stolen his heart, and provided refuge for his lonesome penis, found her way into the arms of a Charlie Hunnam-esque male stripper. As you can imagine, this did not go down well at all – especially at the earliest of stages in their ‘relationship’.  

“I felt like she was doing something shady, well I got all the goss from her best friend. After our first date she didn’t go home to take her brother out, she went and saw that stripper… she’s slept with him as well.”

But, as it turns out, that wasn’t the only time she’d mucked about on him, or the only time she’d do it with a male stripper. Maybe we can place some of the blame on Jason, for expecting an emotionally mature relationship from a 23 year old with fake tits and a fetish for the professionally naked.

Once that bridge of trust had burnt down, all he could think about was pissing on its ashes. He was gutted, and as people instinctively want to do, he did his best to return that feeling. Jason knows that two wrongs don’t make a right, but as he said and felt at the time, “Two negatives make a positive.” He did what most would do, given the motive and the opportunity, plowed her best friend.

But did it work? No, not the sex part, but the emotional healing of revenge fucking a cheater’s best friend? Sort of. He admits that he felt pretty awful after it, and not in that usual post-sex self-loathing kind of way, but being disappointed in both himself and the emptiness that revenge cheating brought. A week later he found out she slept with another stripper, and well… this washed away all the guilt for him.

Whether it’s because sexual intimacy feels so special when it’s shared with just one person, or because bringing others into a relationship makes us feel inadequate, revenge cheating just seems so logical. As Jason put it, “She got a taste of her own medicine and we’ll see what she does after that.”

Cheating can and should devastate a relationship, that same trust you shared before won’t ever be there again. You can mend it, you can make up, but it won’t be the same.

The most obvious motivation behind the revenge fuck, is the thinking that just maybe if you can even the score, if you’ve both managed to break that bond of trust and honesty, then those two actions will get you back to where you used to be. This however, is not how relationships work and will hurt more in the end.

Oddly enough, out of both secrecy and burying of feelings, their fuckbuddy fling has continued with a few hook-ups along the way. As Jason put it, “I don’t know if it will become a thing, but I am trying to make it a thing. Like, if it doesn’t happen it was fun while it lasted, because she’s fucking mint.”

*Alias used, because he’s got a good thing going on…


Words by Harrison Johnstone

IG – @harrisonjohnstone

Art by Hayden Bond

IG – @haydenbond_design

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