Welcome our sex columnist, Miss Jay.

I’ve gone full-hoe, read all about it.

That’s Miss Jay, to you.

I’m Esperanto Magazine’s resident sex columnist.

Welcome to a journey that will probably make you cringe and laugh, while also sending you into a state of shock,  all simultaneously. I have had a fair share of sexual experiences in the last few years that were a mixture of positive, terrifying and downright hilarious.

As someone who was once absolutely clueless about sex acts, I’ve put a lot of effort into my learning through practical means. If you want some idea of how incapable I once was, I got a 69% on my sex-ed test (hehe), when the class average was 85%. In the words of Amazing Grace, I once was lost, now I am found.

I’m 20, which means I am at my supposed peak in terms of flirting, messing around with sexual partners and being an all round Promiscuous Girl, thanks Nelly Furtado. I’ve been open to trying almost everything because my life motto is “why the hell not?!”. While I was a virginal religious girl not long ago, I now have ditched that lifestyle and have basically gone full-hoe, to put it lightly.

It is here that I will be sharing all of my sexual escapades to date. Embarrassing for me, but hopefully informative for you. It goes without saying, but all stories I share are 100% true. Therefore names and locations will of course be altered accordingly.

If you want to get a gauge on the kind of stories we’re talking, think Carrie Bradshaw column but with Samantha Jones content, kinky af.

Yours truly,

Miss Jay.

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