Words by Caitlin Johnston
Art by Hayley Sinatt

It could be the perfect caption to a saucy snap, a witty message that makes you laugh out loud or reading something so explicit you need to turn your phone brightness down —sexting takes many forms and is the easiest means to a hard end.

I’ve spoken with 10 fellow students to reveal the last sext they’ve either sent or received, so feel free to take some notes to spice up your future texts.

1–  You’re gonna be my good little bitch boy aren’t you.

2–  Yeah, I’ve always wanted someone 100 times smaller than me to sit on my back and control me from my hair!

3–  You hungry? I bet 9 inches will fill you up.

4–  I’ll be home in 10 minutes, so you’d get ready to get fucking jumped and ravished when you step through that door.

5–  Can’t wait to see my cum pour out of your ass.

6–  You wanna go pole dancing? I’ve got a pole you can dance on 😉

7–  I can be sweet and naughty. When I’m on top of you kissing your lips, I’ll also be spreading your legs apart and slightly lifting you up so I can slide my wet hard dick into you.

8–  Daddy wants to play.

9–  Until I see you again just keep imagining your hands squeezing my juicy fat ass.

10–  When I make you cum all over yourself from this intense sex, I want you to scoop it up and shove it in my ass and use it as lube to finger me until I can cum.

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