What Does Your Tinder DP Say About You

Words by Emma Anvari
Art by Madison Marshall

Tinder. A world of romance, flings and inescapable superficial judgement.

As the world of online dating becomes an increasingly present part of our lives, it’s hard to live by the age-old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ because that’s exactly what Tinder asks us to do.

But have you ever wondered what a Tinder profile says about a person?

Strap on your seatbelt and prepare your index finger for rigorous swiping as we break down the plethora of stereotypes on the Tinder datescape — speed round edition.


This person makes it known very quickly that they like to get on the sesh, and consider themselves quite the cannabisseur.


This individual has mastered the game. They know they’re 70% more attractive simply by featuring their beloved four-legged friend in their profile. Dangerous if you forget you’re not swiping on the dog.


Cue the eye rolls please. We get it, you travelled.

Foreign Hotties

Sprechen sie kein Englisch? I don’t care, you’re hot.


What do they look like? We don’t know. Next.


Profile is so poorly composed you’ve had to be drunk to match with this one. Was my phone blurry when
I swiped?

Lives in Brunswick

This one could be anything from a gal that likes to keep things au-naturel, an activist, your typical student or just a very well-dressed hipster. Brunswick really speaks for itself and once you see that geotag you know what to expect.

Gym Junkies

This one lifts and wants you to know it. Gym isn’t a personality though, sweetie.

Superwog Wannabes

From Kmart-Kim to guys rocking chains and Adidas tracksuits at the local shisha bar, this one speaks for itself.

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