Sex, drugs and lovin’ high

Words by Jane Rusli
Art by Rachael Park

“But then again, everything feels amazing on molly. Heck, even cleaning the kitchen sink and staring at my wall felt pleasurable”.

The classic drug-sex stigma exists: the euphoric combo. With that in mind, I figured I’d do a bit of public service for your curious minds to unpack the reality of this stigma. Tried and tested, this sacred information has been pieced together by whatever hazy memories are left of the mind-bending activity that is, sex on drugs.

But before we delve into the fundamentals, let’s get a few things straight.

Consent is a serious matter, sex should not be forced and a person should be within the legal age, freely agreeing to the sexual activity. Someone who is drugged, drunk, asleep or unconscious is unable to freely consent. The use of force, trickery and threat is considered sexual assault, and is a serious crime. So, with all due respect, prioritise consent.

We are all different; genetically, physically, cognitively. Furthermore, drugs contain a wealth of impurities. We begin to wonder; “Is the cocaine I’m snorting, actually cocaine?” Evidently, a degree of variability is experienced between the effects of the same drug. Although taken multiple times, one drug can have completely opposite effects on two people, or even the same person.

Not everyone has great sex on weed; “My body goes numb, my mind goes numb, my dick goes limp like this sad, overcooked noodle, it was not the least bit aphrodisiac. I just wanted to come and hit the sheets” – Male, 24.

While others have the best sex of their lives on ecstasy; “Once the molly kicks, my nipples perk up, my nether region feels all sorts of tingling sensations, and I’m wetting a waterfall, I could feel it through my pants” – Female, 21. Essentially, don’t take the anecdotes of others as gospel.

Without further ado, here’s your crash course to sex on drugs.

Cocaine / Coke

The grandfather of party drugs, and the unofficial substance of choice for the sexy and wealthy. Cocaine increases the brain’s levels of dopamine, a chemical messenger that controls pleasure and movement. Also a stimulant, individuals who take cocaine experience extreme energy and happiness, increased mental alertness, hypersensitivity, irritability and paranoia. One fortunate individual had the best nut of his life; “I last about the same when I’m sober, but it feels like the best nut I have ever busted, and multiply that by 10. I could fuck more than 3 times a night” – Male, 21. However, experiences vary in this department; “Similar kind of horny to alcohol, but once you’re getting down and dirty everything kinda gets numb and my vagina gets dry. I rarely every orgasm or feel anything on coke” – Female, 21

Cannabis / Weed

Popularly known as the aphrodisiac-like sex drug, I’m referring to that sensual, slow sex with scented candles and avant-garde jazz tunes. This correlates to the relaxed sensations and laziness generally experienced during the high. A depressant, weed slows down the central nervous system resulting in heightened sensations, time distortion, euphoria, and sometimes paranoia. Accompanied by sex, individuals either feel an increase in pleasure due to the dopamine high, or conversely, “Man, I was numb. I was going in and out of consciousness, and kept falling into these mental wormholes, next minute, you’re back to reality realising you’re having sex” – Male, 21. Also, not all buds are alike. A varying experience; “Was smoking up a dominantly indica based strain, which later on, learnt is bad for sex. I went crazy head high from the indicas and it felt like I was fucking my partner while riding a roller coaster. My mind was just so… confused.” – Female, 21

MDMA / Ecstasy

From Kanye West, to former Disney darling Miley Cyrus, everyone is singing about popping a molly. “At the zenith of their effects, sex doesn’t interest me nearly as much as rolling around on sheepskin rug. Sex feels amazing! But then again, everything feels amazing on molly. Heck, even cleaning the kitchen sink and staring at my wall felt pleasurable” – Male 21
I mean, no wonder the vast majority of Hollywood raves about molly. MDMA, a stimulant, is responsible for altering mood and perception. By increasing sexual arousal, pleasure, emotional warmth, energy, and the senses, pretty much everything feels good on ecstasy. “Sex on molly is fucking amazing, but hard to come. When you finally do though, holy fuck….” – Male, 24.

Expanding and refining sexual pleasures has been around since humans found ways to ferment, burn, and synthesise materials. It’s important to remember from this that everyone’s sex-drug experience is unique. While some drugs reveal pathways to orgasmic enlightenment, others cause vaginas to feel as dry as a pit of carkoon between your legs. “The experience was too mind-bending, my pleasure senses were a lot more than overwhelmed” – Male, 24. In terms of the drug-sex pleasure scale, MDMA seems to top the list as “everything and anything on molly feels good” – Female, 21. Though, honestly? Know your drugs, its effects, and how your body responds to it. If all else fails, best keep the two separate.

Magic Mushrooms

“Ugh, it was so awkward. Everything, bodies specifically, look repulsive when you are tripping” – Male, 28. Otherwise known as Psilocybin, magic mushrooms are naturally occuring, and look much like ordinary mushrooms, or come in capsules as dried material. They can be cooked, brewed in tea, or eaten fresh and effects vary according to the health, weight, and size of the individual. These shrooms look similar to poisonous mushrooms. So please, I do stress, know what you are consuming. A hallucinogen, shrooms can heighten the senses of euphoria and wellbeing, alter perception, and cause visual distortion. “I tripped on shrooms and slept with this counselor chick at camp whom I thought was exceptionally hot. Partway into it, I started to hate her, more and more, as she just kept on getting uglier and uglier. My dick literally deflated while I was inside her and I fell asleep” – Male, 28. Magic mushrooms, not so magic after all.


If you’re worried about consent when experimenting with sex on drugs, visit Respect. Now. Always.

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