Gotta fight, for your right, to fleshlight

Words by Gabriel Rehmtulla
Art by Matthew Mendoza

As many guys shy away from discussion about the tools of self-pleasure, perhaps this article might just help stimulate the conversation.  

Do you know the feeling of a good long stretch after an intense leg workout? Or the heat of the sun’s rays touching your back when you lay on the beach? … I like to call them little orgasms of life. Being born in a human body is a beautiful phenomenon. Life is a gift, enjoy it through all the sensations or “little orgasms” that it has to give, with it’s consent.

Yet another important pleasure of life is self-stimulation and reaching sexual orgasm or the “Big O,” accompanied with ejaculation for most guys. It’s well understood by most of us how the Big O is reached. For each of us, we all have our favourite erogenous spots on the body where we love to touch or be stimulated while pleasuring our way to get there.

This is much more exciting when you have a consenting partner helping you with this fun-filled journey, as there are more hands and body parts involved. However, there is no reason why the same excitement can’t be a part of solo-play – with the help of toys. As many guys shy away from discussion about the tools of self-pleasure, perhaps this article might just help stimulate the conversation.

Toys for the boys


These are devices equipped with an orifice that one can insert their penis into and feel the sensation of having sexual intercourse. These masturbators come in many forms.

Cock rings

As the name suggests these are rings you can wear… on your cock. They can be made from many kinds of material generally silicon or surgical steel. This typically can make the penis feel stiffer than usual and is meant to enhance the sensation more.

Pocket Pussy

Sleeves made of a soft material like silicon which can have different textures (ribbed, ringed or more) and can be used with personal lubricant. They are usually compact, and can be discreetly carried with you anywhere you go – hence the name, “Pocket Pussy”.


An upgrade to the “pocket pussy” in terms of size. It’s more of a hollow tube attached with a similar soft contact point and the sleeve which runs into the tube to which you can “make love”. These come in many variations to look like lips, vaginas or bum holes. Some of them are even electronic and can masturbate your cock without using your hands and others are even heated to feel more life like. Furthermore, some companies even make versions of fleshlights that can be controlled via a mobile app and that means you or your partner can control it from long distances if need be, and can also be paired with virtual reality platforms.

Many manufacturers also sell realistic-look-and-feel vaginas, bums or cocks attached to just a silicon figure that look and feel like a lower half of a human body. These are less portable and usually harder to clean and store – inconspicuously.

Like Barbie only inflatable

From cheap blow up dolls that look like swimming pool toys, to realistic sex dolls that can cost you thousands. These lifelike sex dolls are custom made by specialist so they can suit every person’s individual preferences in terms of the doll’s looks, gender, body type, hair colour, facial features and of course the parts that makes this doll a sex doll.

Boy only butt stuff

The prostate gland is part of the reproductive system, where the milky white fluid we know as semen is secreted. It can be a really enjoyable experience for a guy to massage the prostate by inserting a lubed-up massager inside the bum and finding the right spot. Some guys can achieve orgasm by just performing this type of massage, while others like to incorporate anal-play along with cock play to reach peak orgasm.

This doesn’t define a guy’s sexuality, but provides different ways to reach that glorious O. These massagers can be in vibrating stimulators, dildos or butt plugs – all depending on preference and a sense of adventure.

Accessorise yo’self

There are many other things that can be used to make that sexual experience more gratifying, think: nipple clamps, dick hole probes, leather gimp gear, electro sex toys as well as S&M stuff.

So, if you’re into trying out something new, research what sex toy or aid will best suit your own taste before you go sitting on a two foot rubber eggplant. Always think about your health and that of any playmates before experimenting. The best place to find out more about what you might be into would be a sex shop or exhibition like Sexpo, which comes to Melbourne each year.

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