Slip into pleasure, naturally.

Astroglide right in.

We’re all about exploring. And when we try something new, we want you guys to know about it.

With a healthy and substantial product range which can also be purchased in the United States, Astroglide are penetrating another market.

Its latest product to the brand’s extensive range is green. (But not visibly so). Astroglide Natural Liquid  is a personal lubricant made from Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamins C and E.

And like the OG products from Astroglide, it is also still water-based, condom compatible, long-lasting and allows easy clean up.

We want to make sure all of our randy readers stay super moist. So we’re giving away Astroglide lube in our upcoming giveaway, as well as attaching a sachet in every issue of the Sex Edition.

You’ll be able to enter the competition via our Facebook page.

Not long to go now.

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