Night in the City: A Film Photography Essay

Words & photos by: Edie Hopgood
Starting the night with a fit check – ‘dressed up’ was the brief, but warmth and comfort are non-negotiable for me
Captured at Caulfield Station – handbag stocked with the essentials needed for the night ahead.
Arrived at Father’s Office Downtown – we dined with a set menu and received a complimentary Aperol Spritz that didn’t last very long…
Going through the city loop – we were lucky and the trains were actually running – a place I don’t frequent often, but one that I will always treasure when I do.
The iconic Flinders Street image – taken at the beginning of my journey to the dinner location.
My beautiful friends Trinity indulges in her complimentary Aperol.
Shots for everyone! We shared a toast for our beautiful birthday girl Caitlin.
Caitlin and Liv having a chat about past memories and the ones to come.
Dinner + dessert is served! Bon Appetit!
Upon my walk home, I stumbled across a beautiful projection installation on a side street within the CBD. Despite my rush to get to bed, I simply had to stop and admire the work.
Home, safe and sound – greeted by my comfy bed.

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