Get (Un)Ready with Me

Words by: Angel Tully


When my phone alarm goes off in the morning, I always snooze it twice. I walk to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face before brushing my teeth. Still half asleep, I put on some moisturiser, and spray dry shampoo into my 4-day old hair. “Now for the next step of my morning routine…” I say ironically to my reflection, a theatrical pastime we are all guilty of: the Youtube ‘GRWM’.

“I wake up as soon as my alarm goes off at 6am everyday. I always like to start my morning with some yoga and stretching to get me warmed up for the day. Then I shower and begin my 12-step skincare routine. At the moment, I am loving this new Vitamin-C serum, *hold it up to the camera and use my hand to make sure it’s in focus* it’s LITERALLY magic, it makes your skin glow. It was sent to me by the company. After skincare, I use my Dyson *not sponsored* to freshen up my blow wave.”

I get dressed, and eat some peanut butter toast at the same time as I throw on some light makeup. If I have time, I drink some instant coffee… the kind that comes in a sachet where you just add water. 15 minutes later, I’m running out the door because I’m about to miss my train to work.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so of course, I want to start my day right! My favourite breakfasts right now are protein smoothie bowls; they do take me a while to prepare when I want them to look aesthetic, but they’re so nutritious so it’s worth it. I also make an iced almond vanilla latte, stirred to perfection, which I love to drink out of old mason jars, it just gives it a nice touch! Finally, I choose my OOTD and head to my office to edit my content.”


Another day coming to a close, I go to the bathroom to take off my makeup. Some trusty cotton pads and micellar water do the trick. I cleanse my face with this little vibrating brush I bought at the chemist. Honestly, I’m not sure if it does anything.

“Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I’m sharing my nighttime routine. I take off my makeup before I do the nighttime skincare. My favourite part of this ritual is a tie between the 10 minutes I spend using a jade roller and gua sha on my face to sculpt and drain, and the hour when I take a bubble bath and read Colleen Hoover whilst my face mask sets.”

After a quick shower, I get in bed and look at my phone for a few minutes. I check that my alarm for tomorrow is set, and close my eyes. I lay there for a while, contemplating hypothetical scenarios, stressing over all the tasks on my mind, before finally drifting off to sleep.

“After my skincare, I like to enjoy a herbal blend of Melatonin Sleep Tea to help me feel even more relaxed. When I get into bed, I put on some calming music and pull a silk eye mask over my eyes (it matches my silk pillowcase, which is good for protecting my hair). Tired from my busy day, I fall straight asleep. If you enjoyed my 5–9am and 5–9pm routines, don’t forget to follow me!”

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