Humans of My Life

Photo essay by: Lauren Gallina

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many incredible women. When I need to turn to someone in my life for much-needed advice, a warm embrace, a hearty giggle, a night of drinking and dancing, or an emotional cry, I turn to one of these confidants. 

Jaimé Henderson 

A creative powerhouse who is so uniquely herself, Jaimé inspires me to follow my over-emotional heart in pursuit of art. Hendo has shown me there isn’t an emotion you cannot put into writing. She also has the sickest fashion sense I’ve ever seen. My gosh, this woman was just made for Fitzroy. 

Melissa Gallina

A stunning ray of light! My Mama has taught me that an abundance of both kindness and strength is necessary, but useless without one another. She has also shown me the significance of putting love into everything I make, even if it is just a cup of tea. 

Yasmine Asmar 

The original woman in STEM, Yasmine. There will never be a traumatic situation that she cannot turn into a joke within seconds. Yas has taught me the importance of lightness in life’s darkest moments. No matter the wound or hurt, there is nothing my favourite doctor cannot fix. 

Nicole Flynn 

It feels as though Nicki and I entered the world together: there isn’t a moment worth remembering before our friendship. Nicki has taught me the importance of self-care in this hectic world, and how looking out for your friends, no matter what, is crucial. 

Meg Wagner

My dancing queen Meg is the epitome of our early twenties. No matter what the event, Meg is ready to dance and sing along with me. Meg has taught me the joy of saying yes, having fun, wearing funky pants, watching bad plays, and singing old pop songs at the top of my lungs. 

They say you are made from the people you surround yourself with. I am not sure if this is true, but when I laugh I hear Yasmine; when I make art I see Jaimé; when I pull myself out of a hole I feel Nicki; when I sing wildly to Doja Cat I hear Meg; and when I smile I see my mum.

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