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Words by: Amy Jenkin

We asked people what title they would give this chapter of their life. Here are their responses. 

“‘Going Into Injury Time’. The hard work is nearly done, about to have more time to play golf.” — Peter, 61

“‘There are so Many Ways to Say Goodbye’. Goodbye to my working life, my children moving out, goodbye to my mother.”—Corinna, 60

“‘The Time for Hesitancy Is Over’. The pandemic forced me to reflect on my stagnant life and prompted me to strive for change. It’s been a triumphant period of overcoming roadblocks, leaping at opportunities, and valuing relationships. I’m proud of my growth and budding confidence. It’s now or never.”—Jacqueline, 21

“This chapter in my life offers me more freedom based on the wisdom I’ve gained from past experiences. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t see life that way!”

—Gayle, 58 

“Wait. Be patient. Winter will pass. Spring will come.”—Lee, 61

“This chapter of my life requires me to balance my social and recreational life with my new work requirements.”—Kartina, 24

“Looking back, I should have looked forward more.”—Belinda, 61

“‘Person in Waiting’. It feels like until you’re an adult, you’re just waiting to become real and be listened to.”— Oscar, 20

“‘The Tedious Tangent’. The last 18 months have been one massive tangent on the way to wherever I’m going — it’s also been a very, very tedious one.”—Angus, 19

“‘Recalibration: a period of growth, stagnation, and turbulence. A disruption of the self and ideals and an ascension into the next epoch’. In other words, what the f is going on?”—Ana, 21

“‘Moving Into the Menagerie’. Out of a safe, crowded, warm home, into the crazy world of adopting pets, paying heating bills and living alone in lockdown.”—Oliver, 21

“I may have missed my last year of university, lost my job, and felt my life spiralling, but hey at least now I have K-Pop.”—Meg, 21

“‘Development Phase’. I find this current chapter in my life all about my personal and professional development. The new relationships I’m forming in all facets of my life, as well as the increased confidence in myself and realisation of what I’m capable of.”—Denise, 23

“’Losing Focus’ or ‘I Feel Like I Have Read Enough of This Book to Know How it Will End And Maybe That’s Making Me Lose Interest.’”—Amos, 20

“Mostly, I think about lots of stuff that doesn’t amount to much and I feel like I’m just putting off the important questions like ‘what are you doing?’ and ‘why?’ and ‘how?’”— Millie, 21

“The Year of Uncertainty, Missing Normality” — Jabez, 28

“The Worst Rollercoaster Ever” — Phil, 28

“Count your blessings and keep laughing.” — Sean 27

“Planning for the future through times of uncertainty, should be taking time to appreciate today.”— Brian, 33

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