Words and photography by: Naiyanat Sornratanachai

Shibari(縛り), or Kinbaku(緊縛) is the art of Japanese bondage, appreciated through its aesthetics and sexual appeal.

On the surface, shibari can be perceived as a form of fetish, it’s easy to view it that way when you see the ropes bind tightly on a body, retraining and controlling the body that it wraps around. A good shibari tie is much more than a work of art or craft, nor objectifying the person. To tie is to hug. Every pattern, every knot, and technique are completed with the sense of trust between both the rigger and the rope bunny. To make someone submit to you is to create the sense of security, that they’re safe with you. When that emotional connection is formed, then it can be translated into ties.

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