Snapshot Erotica

Words by: MD
Art by: Gabrielle Poh

I busy over the bench in hope to impress Her.    She prepares, unwittingly famished.    I pretend not to notice as Her scent draws closer,   preoccupation concealing my appetite.  Softly, Her hips come to meet the back of mine. Warm lips  tracing the base of my neck as strong hands take hold.    My skin feels golden under Hers;       palms trailing   from waist through navel, landing at the throat. Heat spreads  to rival the fan-forced.     I turn to face Her    as She drops to Her knees – somehow suddenly 10 feet tall.   She tells me to ask for it. God knows I prefer to beg.     “Please,”        unfurls from my tongue               to be captured in Her              ravenous grin.
Only hunger locked in the space between    us     now. There, zips and lace make like air. Sighs signalling the beginning of release. Fingers snatching at handfuls of Her hair. Quickly now, frenzied stovetops, quivering boiling pots. Knees buckling to the chorus. White knuckles grip cold stone – reaching for a scream as Our bodies hit 100 degrees. Skyward She mouths, “delicious”. 

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