Words by: Lily Anna
Art by: Betty Gu

Did your heart ever race the same way when it traversed that foreign territory for the first time?

Exposing naked skin and peppering kisses across open fields of freckles and scars.

Tempting all the familiar places on an unfamiliar body, desperate for similar reaction.

I wonder, when you touch her where she’s most honest, if it’s an act of intention or some feeling caught blind in futile excitement?

I wonder, if you’re still insecure by the chill of bare bodies or if you’re using what worked so well on me, on her.

But after lying in the spot I once did, getting her fix, without a post evaluation or a head resting sleepily on a bare chest.

She’ll redress.

Leaving you with nothing and everything in between love and lust and you’ll forget what once was and indulge in the mystery, a lack of conversation and casual sex.

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