Channelling Indiana Jones

Words by: Stephanie Chadwick

This is not Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As it turns out, you might not have to wait idly by for a movie moment to occur in reality to enjoy an adventure of your own. Randonautica encourages its users, aka Randonauts, to generate randomised sets of coordinates in your local area and set off on an exploration and report back. The app Randonautica has created a cult following on Reddit and TikTok who debrief the internet about their Randonauting adventures. 

A guide for the aspiring Randonaut. 

Consider this Randonauting for Dummies. There are three different types of coordinates based on quantum physics that you can choose to begin Randonauting; an Anomaly, an Attractor or Voids. An Attractor in an area where quantum points are highly concentrated, and Voids are an area where quantum points are sparse. The Anomaly could be an attractor or a void but is believed to be influenced by human thought, making it the strongest option taking your intention into account. As mentioned, intention too plays an important role in determining the outcome of your Randonautica adventure. Regardless if you actually believe that you can manifest your intention into an experience, your trip will be shaped by you searching for a tangible sign of your intent. 

Down the rabbit hole.

Just like anyone unknowing of the Randonautica subreddit rabbit hole would, I began my Randonauting adventure ignorant to the intricacies I detailed above. As I downloaded the app I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind that I might end up on some government watchlist. But the fear quickly passed, and I began to feel like a secret agent awaiting my mission. I selected an Attractor and closed my eyes holding the intention of ‘blue’ in my mind. The directions on maps indicated that this particular adventure would require a short car ride and a walk. I followed the maps and drove to an unsuspecting carpark that I would never have noticed if not for the directions instructing me to pull in. I parked the car and cut across a cricket oval towards a path that led me to the beach. There my intent was, endless blue, with a view of the ocean meeting the sky. It was at this point the map indicated that I needed to walk off the path right next to where a sign that read “danger”. In all honesty I was not bold enough to exit the footpath and brave the knee-high grass to meet my Attractor end point. I was humbled by my caution and ended my small field trip holding onto my blue manifestation. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me but I loved the excitement of this choose-your-own-adventure app and the mystery of where my excursion would take me. Ultimately it broke up my regular scheduled programming of walking the same loop of footpath that begins and ends at my front gate. 

Download ASAP. 

Whether you are eager for your next adventure or are in search of a new walking route, Randonautica is for you. There are few moments left in our week where we surrender our control – we make decisions for ourselves from sunrise to sunset. So, take this as the sign you have been waiting for to stray from the beaten track. If not for a change in scenery, at least download it for the social clout. 

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