How to Make Bank Online

Words by: Hannah Schauder
Art By: Sophie McKenzie-Stripp

In case your bank account hasn’t already told you, uni students are broke! And unfortunately, we spend a good few years walking the tightrope of needing a job to get experience and needing experience to get a job.

We have to find more creative ways to get our coin, and the beautiful (and incredibly disturbing) world of the internet has opened up new avenues — that aren’t porn — to make that happen. We’re taking the hustle online and luckily, you don’t need experience to get crafty in making money on the web.

If you’re prone to matchmaking habits with your friends, you could earn bank by doing it for strangers. One site allows you to work from home as a personal matchmaker and set up compatible people on dates.With an 80% success rate for matches through the site, Fiddler on the Roof is shaking.

Sell Your Hair
Platforms such as and specialise in online hair sales, where you can try your luck at selling your luscious locks. While you can’t grow your hair fast enough to make this a full-time gig, you can get a good sum for your hair to be used for wigs, extensions or dolls. An average bundle can bring you around $500, while a really impressive mane could go for thousands.

Sell Photos of Your Feet
Now if you’re sniffing for proof (no pun intended); a friend of mine was selling a pair of her shoes on Ebay, and not only did a random guy buy them, he offered her $70 for photos of her wearing them. Needless to say, she went out for dinner that night.

As odd as it is, there is a market for photos of your sexy feet, as well as other body parts like underarms, legs etc. What’s nice about this online method is that you can keep your identity completely anonymous and keep the photos you sell as appropriate as you like. Additionally, you won’t have to search very far for a customer. From eBay to Gumtree, there are plenty of sites where people are willing to pay your rent in return for staring at your toes.

Sell Your Dirty Underwear

Note the emphasis on dirty! Welcome to the weird wide-web.

While more personal, selling your dirty underwear online is much more sustainable than selling your hair. The surprisingly popular SofiaGray website connects you with thousands of panty sniffers (their words, not mine) around the world. The usual going-rate for underwear is about 30USD a pop — and that’s if they’ve been worn for at least a day — so technically; you can make 30USD a day simply by selling your dirty underwear.

Become an Online Sex Therapist

Think of the show Sex Education without the awkwardness of doing it in a bathroom. If you consider yourself knowledgeable in the bedroom department, you can pull in those dollars by offering advice for individuals and couples online. Platforms such as and allow you to become part of the online therapy community, enabling you to make dosh by reciting what you learnt in sex ed.

Becoming a Cam Girl/Webcam Model
In an article titled ‘My Experience Working as a Cam Girl’, the anonymous writer confessed that she was treated better and more fairly as a cam girl than she was in her previous retail job. While this possible money-maker is not for the fainthearted, it’s safer than porn sites and provides you with full autonomy in your hours and your content. There’s also a plethora of blogs and websites that provide guides and tips on how to enter the industry without getting freaked out.

The Guardian puts it nicely; “Generation Z are building business empires from their bedrooms.”

I believe that’s the perfect summary of how successful we can be working online.

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