How I Found The One (Direction)

Words by Lauren Rosenberg
Art by Dasle Gang

“Hurry up Claire, we’re going to be late,” my bff says to me as I stand in front of her mirror, putting on dangly earrings.

Ashleigh has been pacing around her bedroom for the last ten minutes. She is kitted out in One Direction merch, including a homemade t-shirt that has a typo on it: Everyting About You. Her long blonde hair covers the typo, but I know it’s there.

“Ash, the concert starts in three hours. We have plenty of time to get to the station, stand in line for yet more merch and still see your boys.”

Ash huffs at me from the doorway, while I check myself out one last time before l leave her bedroom. I’m wearing my favourite carrot dress, Dr. Martens and my hair is tied up in a messy bun.

“Claire, move your ass,” Ash screeches from the front door.

“Coming!” I grab my bag and Ash and I walk to the train station.

“Just checking you’ve got the tickets?”

“Yes, VIP backstage tickets right here,” Ash says, waving them in front of my face.

For Ashleigh’s Sweet 16th her parents had bought her One Direction tickets. She had begged me to come with and even though One Direction are kinda boring and they only play pop music. I agreed to go because she was my bestie.


“Ash, you weren’t quite on the mark when you said it’d be the best night, but you were pretty damn close,” I say to my bff who is crying, as we stand in the backstage queue to meet the boys.

We finally get to the front of the line and I can see them, Niall, the Irish chap, and Harry with his soft chocolately curls. Louis is sitting next them, his cute grin making me blush.(Ash told me she ships #Larry, I mean there’s only so many long stares two boys can share).

Zayn asks me ‘Vas Happenin’ and I almost burst into flames. He is one hot tamale. 

Harry’s green orbs sparkle as I tell him that his solo in What Makes You Beautiful made my heart beat double speed.

“Well Claire, you make my heart beat double. Are you able to come around to the back for a minute?” He asks in his cute British accent.

“M-me?” I stutter, looking at Ash.

Ash stares at me, as confused as I was.

“Yes, you in the carrot dress.”

Harry grins at me, his dimples lighting up his face.

“Sure thing,” I say, walking through the door Harry is holding open.

As soon as the door shuts with a click, our tongues battle for dominance, and my hands are tangled his beautiful curls.

“I love you Claire,” Harry whispers to me, tucking a loose piece of hair behind my ear.

“I love you too, Harry,” I whisper back to him, going in for another hot make-out session.

When we break apart for the second time, Harry takes his hands in mine, and turns his sparkling green orbs on me.

“Claire, how would you like to come on tour with me and the boys? I know we haven’t known each other for that long, but I know you’re the one.”

Harry wipes the happy tears from my cheeks.

“Harry, since my parents died in a car accident three years ago, there has been a big hole in my heart. Although we just met, I feel like I know everything about you and I know you’ll heal my heart. Touring is a yes from me.”

“She said yes!” Harry yells, before we are both buried under a pile of hot men and Ashleigh.

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