This is a celebration of us.

Words & Photography by Maggie Zhou
Models Rochelle Oh & Shi Min

We are not just your Asian grocery store owners, your $2 discount shopkeepers or your karate instructors.

We are not merely your masseuses or your manicurists. We are not here to be giggly, hyper-sexualised schoolgirls or quiet, studying book nerds. We don’t all have tiger parents and we’re not here to steal ‘your’ jobs.

This is a celebration of us. Wherever we come from, whatever our journey’s like – we have the right to be unashamedly ourselves. We are the bold Asian youth of today. We’re loud and proud of where we’ve come from. We experiment with fashion and aren’t afraid of expressing ourselves.

And no, we’re not all related. And if anybody else condescendingly says Ni Hao to me, I will shove a chopstick up your nose.



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