Top tips for oral suck-cess

Words by Rina Tse
Art by Bowen Shen

Oral sex is not just a highly intimate sex act, but also considered an important part of foreplay, before your boring ol’ vanilla-ass sex.

Different people have their own interests regarding oral, so it’s vital to explore what your partner enjoys; from flirty tips to fave positions. Yet, to get the most out of the whole process, you’ll need to follow this guide to enjoy oral sex like a pro.

Ideas for him

Relax the snatch

Be patient. For the best results with your gal, you’ll need to ensure that she’s physically and emotionally relaxed and comfortable. Set up a few pillows, crank up the air con on a stinking hot day. The point is find out what makes her feel comfortable and what turns her on. Don’t just dive straight in without any preparation – this will ruin the experience for both of you.

Slowly touch and kiss her body, play with her hair and tell her what you love about her – a little foreplay goes a long way.

Fingers, fingers and fingers

Okay, we know it’s oral sex, but fingers play a very important role in it. Diving in with dry digits is painful for any woman. So start by touching her thighs and the sides of her pussy gently, which helps to bring out some of that natural lubrication. As the clitoris has around 8000 nerve endings, you can also let your fingers stay and “play” around her entrance and find joy in all the nerves there.

Once she’s well lubed and warmed up, insert a finger or two inside her body to press against the Gspot. Try changing the pace and pressure so that it’s unpredictable for her. Also, don’t hesitate to hold her hand and ask her to guide you to her Gspot manually. A little dirty talking helps too.

Keep it classic

Classic doesn’t mean boring. Most women enjoy receiving oral sex while lying on a soft and comfy bed with their knees bent. In this position, their partners can either lie on their stomach or prop up on their elbows.

The advantage of this position is that you, as the givers, are able to take control during the process. You can wrap your arms around the back of your partner’s legs when she writhes and wriggles. You can also move freely, so you’ll be able to multi-task and increase the intensity of the process. Touch her while you lick her. Always multi-task.

Ideas for her

Make that dick delicious

Can condoms and oral sex coexist? Is it possible to get a decent BJ with a condom in the game? The answer is definitely yes. The condom industry has been putting in heaps of effort to provide more satisfying sexual experiences for the public. As traditional unflavoured condoms can have an awful rubber taste, flavoured condoms are designed to improve the oral sex experience, making it more gratifying for the givers as well as protecting them from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Flavoured condoms are available in various tastes, ranging from chocolate to fresh fruit flavours. Switch around the tastes, light him up like 5 Gum.

Have a staring contest

Eye contact is the key to powerful sexual contact, especially during oral sex. It increases understanding between partners, which is a kind of intimate communication, because well… your mouth will be busy. Making eye contact during a blow job also releases the “love” hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin boosts that human bonding experience, as it’s also released through frequent cuddling and physical touch. By making eye contact throughout the process, the strong effects of the “love” hormone will be intensified.

Making eye contact is a big-time turn on, trust me, keep your eyes locked on your partner and they’ll feel that passion too.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Don’t you know that the best blow jobs are combinations of blow jobs and hand jobs? An easy way to maximize the pleasure of a blow job is to grab the penis and gently rub up and down, just like when you give him a normal hand job. Another secret tip is to massage his balls softly and to squeeze them lightly.

You can also make your partner more flattered with a little more finger action. Try touching some sensitive spots during oral sex to send your partner over the edge. One good idea is to gently touch the inner thighs because they respond to subtle touching.

Remember, it’s important to mix up your moves – keep your partner guessing.


These are just a few tips to follow so you can start giving and receiving the best oral sex possible. Stop using the same old boring sex skills over and over again. Trust me, you’ll need this survival guide to get the most out of the whole experience.



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