Top 8 trending fetishes of 2018

Words by Bonnie Bryson
Art by Lina Chan

Each and every year has its defining traits; 2017 was the year of huge eyebrows, tiny crop tops and fake news. In the sexual fetish world however, it was the year of furries and foot fetishes. The question on everyone’s mind now is, what fetishes are going to define 2018?

1)     Talk softly to me

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In other words, it’s that tingling feeling you get down the back of your neck when you hear or see something that makes you feel excited or nervous – whispering, for example. The trend took the internet by storm in 2017. And in 2018, it seems as if the trend is going to make its way into the sexual fetish world. Sensitive whispers and rough sex – can you name a more iconic duo?

2)    See the bed, be the bed

Forniphilia is a reasonably new variant of bondage in which people are incorporated into pieces of furniture. Tied onto chairs and beds, used as a footrest or even a hat stand. In some extreme cases it may even involve someone being used as a chandelier, hanging from the ceiling. So sit back, relax, put your feet up, and then put a wooden plank on top of them so you can be used as a table.

3)     What’s that smell?

Nasolingus is the word for someone who gets turned on by sucking on someone else’s nose. The trend has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few months, gaining a lot more clout in the online world. I mean, we already had to worry about keeping our feet clean, now we’ve gotta make sure our nostrils are tidy too?

4)    Tickle tickle

Tickling, a thing that makes us laugh uncontrollably even though we really don’t want to. Most of the time it’s a seemingly innocent form of play, for Knismolagnians and Titillagnias, however, it’s a huge turn on. Laughing their way into 2018, these almost bondage-style videos are increasingly trending.

5)    Morning wood

A casual stroll in the forest, an evening nature hike, or even a moonlit beach voyage, nature is truly beautiful. Admired by many and adored by some – but arousing… now that’s a new one. Xylophilia is the name for this fetish, it seems as if lumber-jacking-off is where this trend is headed.

6)    Squash that fly for me, would you?

Soft crush is a new fetish gaining popularity in the podophilic community. It is a variant of a foot fetish in that it involves someone using the heel or the tip of their foot to crush an insect or a type of food. It seems like stepping on a spider or a piece of cake might be someone’s turn on! So be careful if you see someone setting down pieces of cake in a park, awaiting their next subject…

7)     Damn, that archway has some sexy curves

We all know that objectifying people is wrong, but how about objectifying objects? Object sexuality is making a wider appearance in 2018. I’m sure everyone has seen an episode of ‘My Strange Addiction,’ like the one about the woman who married a carnival ride? Or the one about the guy who has sex with his car?  Both of these are examples of people who are objectifiles. And strangely, it seems to be growing in popularity.

8)    Nice Day Out

Actirasty is the term used for someone who gets aroused by the sun. These beach goers have a piping hot love affair with each bright ray that falls upon them. For most people “The D” tends to be enough, but for these hot heads, “Vitamin D” is what really does the trick.

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