The Law of Attraction, You Be The Judge

Practicing the Law of Attraction can be an extremely useful method of self-care and self-love.

“Stop being such a negative Nancy,” are words that have been directed at me on far too many occasions. Admittedly, I have always been quite the realist, as I’d like to phrase it, but I’ve come to understand that this habit of mine stems mostly from a fear of disappointment.

Set the bar low and the outcome is bound to be at least satisfactory. But funnily enough, most of the time I end up feeling disappointed regardless, or worse yet – feeling a twang of regret. Such negativity was becoming something that I was inviting into my life, and I could no longer blame negative life occurrences on luck any longer. Talk about self-destruction.

Cue the Law of Attraction.

A friend introduced me to this concept a few months ago after I noticed how gosh darn happy she had become. A brand new job, new boyfriend, new killer haircut, new air of confidence… I wanted in on that!

The Law of Attraction is, in simple terms, directing your thought process and intent towards whatever it is you want to achieve in life. It could be a future aspiration, relationship, or just your overall health. It is said that if you conjure negative energy, whether it be consciously or not, your personal events, relationships so on and so forth will attract the same negative energy.

We should be able to steer our lives in the direction we want, and the Law of Attraction purports the idea that we have the ability to do exactly that. Of course, this thought process has garnered much criticism over the years, where its scientific value has been questioned time and time again. The 2006 book, The Secret, caused a massive stir regarding this, ‘New Thought,’ belief.

My current stance on the Law of Attraction lies in the middle somewhere. For me, I see the Law of Attraction as less of a mystical concept about the power of our minds, but more as an internal-peace type of notion. Willing only virtuous things into your life doesn’t necessarily mean all you will receive is a purely virtuous outcome, free from strife and complication.

But practicing the Law of Attraction can be an extremely useful method of self-care and self-love. I found that my previous attempts at being a realist only created stress and worry within my actual physical being, serving no purpose to my life as a whole.

Once I began to summon positive energy to combat my personal stresses, I found immediate relief and a release of this internal pressure I didn’t even know was bottled up within. At the most basic level, it helped me find this middle-zone of focus.

So, how on Earth does one practice the Law of Attraction?

Keep it simple. Being present and mindful of your thought processes is extremely important. You’ll begin to filter the positive or negative thoughts, and eventually it will become an automatic practice.

So much so that the removal of negative thoughts may even eliminate that negativity from your reality as well. I’m quite a visual person, so I find creating vision boards helps me make sense of my, at times, convoluted brain. There are countless ways to practice the Law of Attraction, and tailoring them to your needs and wants is essential.

Call it what you want, the Law of Attraction or just a positive thought process, but this idea allows personal healing and nurturing, which is something we all need at some stage.

I was a cynic at first, but practicing this way of thinking became routine, just as mechanical as brushing my teeth. The Law of Attraction can be successfully incorporated into any lifestyle as a whole, so why not give it a go – there’s nothing to lose, except a whole lot of negative energy!

Words by Annabelle Lee

IG – @_annabellel

Art by Khaw Ann Li

IG – @kech_k


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