Esperanto Magazine Architecture Design Competition

Exclusive to Monash University Architecture students, you can win $1000 and the opportunity to see your design spring to life.

In our most recent edition, we discussed all things honesty. It even got us talking about the current housing situation in Australia and PowerHouse Homes*. To coincide with our Honesty Edition, we are excited to announce our design competition in collaboration with PowerHouse Homes.

Who can enter
Exclusively architecture students currently studying at the Monash University Architecture faculty.

The task
To design a prefabricated dwelling. The competition will promote and encourage design spirit and capture and reward creativity of Monash’s finest design talent.

The prize(s)
 The winner of the competition will also win a token prize of $1000 (from PowerHouse Homes) as well as the opportunity to see their own, unique design of a prefabricated homes spring to life. There is also the potential for participants to engage in an internship program with PowerHouse Homes.

The categories
Category one: low density housing (essentially individual residential houses)
Category two: medium density housing (townhouses and terraces, 2-3 stories)
Category three: high density housing (apartments)

Click the link and sign up to receive coming information as well as the date (tbc) for the design brief delivered by the PowerHouse Homes CEO after Semester One concludes.

*PowerHouse Homes is a Melbourne based prefabricated housing company, specialising in R&D, manufacturing and construction of future-proofing homes that are both sustainable and affordable.

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